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Cast Iron Electrode
Get in touch with us to buy cast iron electrode with special coating. It can be utilized in the cold/hot welding of cast iron, combining cast iron & mild steel and other purposes.
Hardfacing Welding Electrode
Hardfacing welding electrode can be utilized for many purposes, from tools repairing, new parts production with improved wear resistance, to machine repair welding. These are provided in different types to meet the requirements of clients.
Mild Steel Electrode
Here is a collection of mild steel electrodes that are versatile and known for their deep penetrating ability. This kind of electrode can be used for welding mild steels and low alloy steels.
Stainless Steel Electrode
From premium 309L electrode to 308L electrode, we have a wide range of stainless steel electrodes that can be used for welding, electrolysis and other applications.
Low Hydrogen Electrode
Premium 18 A1, Premium 80G, Premium 8018 W2, Premium 90G are some of the low hydrogen electrodes in the offering which have deep, penetrating arc to meet the welding specifications.
High Tensile Steel Electrode
The company currently supplies Premium 90 M and Premium 110 M high tensile steel electrodes that feature toughness and high strength.

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